KIAI Martial Arts

Welcome to The Striking Stars Competition Team,

We are a multi discipline Martial Arts competition team that 
focuses on the personal development and the success of each of our team members.  We foster a total and complete learning environment and this is why we are a multi discipline team, all styles have something good to add to the overall success of each of us and the team.

I am already in a school and we go to competitions so why would Iwant to join your team?

This a question I will answer for you, as a Martial Arts instructor when in a traditional class it is about the art and self-defense and most of the time we do not get time to separate and help with the competition game.  Yes, it is a game with set rules and ways of competing and winning and when we get together as a team for this purpose we learn and as we have shown, WIN!  We are not about just one person we are about the team,we help each other, coach, and root for each other.  When one person wins we all win, so why be a loner when you can be a part of something very special?

All of us Striking Stars thank you for your interest and hope we have a long successful journey with you.

Best wishes in Martial Arts,
Striking Stars