KIAI Martial Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  “What age is appropriate for karate?

At this school children can start training at the age of 6. 

Q:  “Will karate make my child violent?”

Absolutely not!  Children learn a lot about what is means to be respectful and polite.  They are taught self-defense as a tool for personal growth and development.  

Q:  “Will my child get hurt?”

Sometime, but injuries are very rare.  Safety is first and foremost here. The floors are padded, proper gear must be worn, self-disciple and self-control are taught, they learn to stretch and warm-up, and are always supervised.

Q:  What if my child is not athletic?  Will he/she have a hard time?”

Often children who don’t find success in team sports come to martial arts and they love it.  That’s because with martial arts you go at your own pace.  Martial art teaches children to be coordinated, flexible and strong.

Q:  “Will my child have fun?  Will they want to stick with the program?”

They will love it!   When given the choice to stay home and watch TV or go to class, most kids will want to come to class and they will rush you to get here on time.  This is a place where they will smile and laugh throughout every class.  We have our moments of intense concentration and focus… but we also balance things out with fun and games to keep everything alive and light.

Q:  "Is karate a skill / talent that will give my child pride and confidence?"

Yes, A lot of kids perform their martial arts moves in talent shows and other things.  Their friends are always blown away.  The positive feedback children receive helps build their self-esteem and confidence.  Kids feel good knowing they can do something that's "cool and special".

Q: “Are there testing fees for under belts (color belts)?”


Q:  Must I compete in tournaments and travel all over?”

No, tournaments are not for everyone.  If you choose to compete you can compete as a member of the school or you can join the Striking Stars Tournament Team.