KIAI Martial Arts


​Boei Shido is the newest old style to come on the Martial Arts Scene.

Boei Shido is a discipline of coordination that blends Japanese, Korean, and Chinese arts; a way of strengthening the mind and body, of fusing the individuals physical and mental powers so that he or she will emerge as a more fully integrated human being.

The word Shido in fact means; To Coach, Teach or Leadership in the Art of Defense (Boei). One should always try to avoid violence; however, if someone grabs, attempts to strike you, or physically assaults you in anyway, it has escalated beyond words and you are left with the only option which is to Defend.

Boei Shido is considered a "middle of the road" style of Martial Arts, as opposed to "soft" or "hard" styles that practice the use of force against force or simple redirection. The Boei Shido practitioner will use "soft" techniques similar to Jujutsu and Aikido as well as "hard" techniques used in Taekwondo and Karate. Even the "hard" techniques emphasize circular, rather than linear movements suppressing an attacker's power against himself, leading to the attackers defeat. Through the use of pressure on certain skeletal joints and pressure points, very little strength is needed to overcome an opponent.

Boei Shido not only redirects the attack, but turns it back against the attacker and follows through with joint locks, throws, takedowns and offensive techniques which may control his violence or render him incapable of further aggressive actions. The practitioner is in complete control of the confrontation defusing the aggression without the need for uncontrolled damage.

Boei Shido provides complete physical conditioning which improves balance, posture, flexibility, timing, quickness, muscle tone, joint strength and most importantly, confidence through physical and mental discipline. All hard falls have been adjusted to Judo style hip takedowns allowing the practitioners to continue well into their 60's, 70's and beyond.

Boei Shido is not a sport but is from day one a discipline of Self-Defense.  The immediate aim of Boei Shido of course is the welfare of the one practicing it. Not only will skill in self-defense be attained, but more importantly will be the focus on an individuals character development. A well rounded personality with Courtesy, Respect, Modesty, Loyalty, Generosity, and Dedication are rewards of Boei Shido.

Samuel Hyatt, Founder