KIAI Martial Arts

Why Karate?

Confidence Builder

Respect & Good Character

Team Building & Leadership

Focus & Self Discipline

Coordination & Active Lifestyle

Self Defense in Emergencies

Goal Orientated & Dedication 

Competitive Spirit

Kiai Martial Arts Has a Team


Striking Stars is a Martial Arts Competition Team.  We are growing fast.  Striking Stars is where you can start to make practical use in the art of defense.  It is always fun to take home trophies, medals and ribbons for a job well done. 

Kiai Martial Arts is the premier center for Shito-Ryu Karate in Puyallup, WA.  The instructors at Kiai have over 20+ years in martial arts.  The students have competed at the highest levels around earning Grand Champion trophies as well as Top Competition School awards and Top Competition Team awards. Every class focuses on well- structured martial arts training as well as mental development.  Students learn at their own pace which makes for a friendly and productive environment for growth.